Atlanta region sees spike in public corruption cases.

Back in March of this year a study came out calling Georgia the most corruption prone state in the nation. Those of us living in Georgia have no problem believing that study. In the Metro Atlanta area not a day goes by of some scandal by some government agency in one of the counties or cities.

When we first moved to the area incoming DeKalb county sheriff, Derwin Brown, was murdered in his front yard. The outgoing sheriff, Sidney Dorsey, was later found guilty of orchestrating Brown’s assassination.

In Gwinnett County, where we have lived since 2002, has been especially corrupt in the way land deals have been orchestrated by our school system. And that has proved to be a problem with three county commissioners being indicted on corruption charges. I spoke about one earlier last week.

So it’s no surprise that the AJC is talking about a spike in public corruption cases for the area. There may be some debate over whether corruption is up or enforcement is up but the reality of it is that there is a ton of corruption going on that allows it to become visible when enforcement is actually applied.

Hopefully this spike in corruption being caught and prosecuted will provide the impetus needed to pass the anti-corruption laws that this state sorely needs.

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