Daily Archives: Tuesday, 23-Oct-2012

Red Bull Rampage Finals

Dan pointed me to this video of what mountain biking really looks like. After watching this I’m just going ahead and putting street slicks on my Gary Fisher Mamba.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbF6ZZqVMyk’]

Georgia Constitutional Amendments

Here in Georgia we are voting on two constitutional amendments. One will allow the state communities to sponsor and fund charter schools while the other will allow the legislature to authorize some government agencies to sign leases on property with more than a year’s duration.

I endorse both of these amendments.

I don’t think charter schools are any better than public schools but I don’t think they are any worse either. I think one reason for a community to want to start a charter school is their lack of trust of their local school board. I’ve seen enough corruption and ineptitude in local school boards in the surrounding counties that I can understand their lack of trust.

I also don’t understand why our state constitution is written to forbid the state to engage in a lease of over a year’s duration. I can see where policy should be against longer leases but there are times when they are beneficial to the taxpayer.

The Gwinnett County Ballot is a Disgrace

I just grabbed a copy of the Gwinnett County Consolidated Ballot and I’m sick. It seems that over half the races are uncontested. That’s Democracy like the old Soviet Union had democracy! That’s democracy like is practiced in Iran!

You know why this is, don’t you? It’s because Georgia has some of the most onerous ballot access laws in the country. High filing fees and an unreasonable requirement for signatures on the candidates petition means fewer people are going to involve themselves. If the district is heavily Democratic or Heavily Republican no one wants to waste the effort. The office holder is chosen in the dominant party’s primary.

URL: http://www.gwinnettcounty.com/static/departments/elections/pdf/112012ConsolidatedSample.pdf