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Gary Johnson for president | timesfreepress.com

Boy! This is a surprise. My hometown newspaper is endorsing Gary Johnson for president. They are even using a lot of my logic in justifying my vote for a third party candidate.

Some may argue that voting for a minor party candidate is a waste of a vote. While Johnson won’t win on Nov. 6, the more votes Johnson receives, the more the Republican and Democratic parties are forced to consider adopting his policies. Voting for Johnson is the most effective way to inject the ideas of liberty and limited government into the political mainstream.

via Gary Johnson for president | timesfreepress.com.

Now if I can just convince more people this is the way to vote. :)

URL: http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2012/oct/24/1024b-fp1-gary-johnson-for-president/?opinionfreepress