So what happens if we jump?

I have jokingly been advocating base jumping from the fiscal cliff for over a month now. After reading this article I’m thinking this isn’t a joke, we really ought to just jump. It would be a way of getting this behind us and a reason to turn out every politician currently holding office in the next election.

2 thoughts on “So what happens if we jump?

  1. Dan Lyke

    Listened to a Plant Money episode on negotiation yesterday, and one do the concepts discussed was the BATNA, best alternative to negotiated agreement. Seems like the BATNA here is fine, and playing “chicken” is a sensible strategy.

    1. Larry D. Burton

      Here’s the thing. I’m okay with the cuts they have mentioned and I’m also okay with everyone’s taxes going up and us going back to fully funding Social Security. Because the cuts are to the operational parts of the government, not to programs we’ve paid into with expectations and understandings that for the money we pay in we will get specific benefits back out. The tax increase is just an increase to the tax rate we were on when everything was hunky dory. And that payroll tax holiday? That just cut funding to the programs we are expecting to be there at a certain age. Why was that ever cut to begin with?


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