Is Nothing Sacred?

It’s interesting how times have changed. Growing up I always heard the Russians referred to as “those un-Godly Soviets” mostly due to their view that nothing, not even religion, should be above the state. The Russian Orthodox Church then was openly persecuted by the state with all sorts of restrictions placed on it. Now that the Soviets are gone and its back to being called Russia the tide has turned.

The pro-Kremlin United Russia party proposed a law introducing jail terms for offending religious feelings after a protest against Putin’s increasingly close ties with the Church by punk band Pussy Riot in Moscow’s main cathedral in February.

via UPDATE 2-Russian patriarch says religion law must not go too far | Reuters.

Patriarch Krill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church thinks that protection of the Church from offensive speech is okay as long as it doesn’t go to far and prevent people from stating their beliefs. That’s kind of like telling someone to tell you what they think of you but don’t do it in a way that hurts your feelings.

So, tell me, should the law protect us from being offended by religious opinion?

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