Americans Like Guns and The NRA

It’s an interesting article that points out something most people want to ignore. The NRA has been so overwhelmingly successful because Americans overwhelmingly like guns. The NRA isn’t brainwashing its constituents, it’s reflecting the attitude of its constituents and its constituents make up the vast majority of Americans.

In this atmosphere of popular ambivalence about gun control, the NRA wins by playing the political ground game more single-mindedly than its foes. It showed its laser focus in 2011 in Connecticut. That year the state legislature held hearings on a proposed ban on large-capacity ammunition magazines. Some 300 opponents turned up in person. More than 50 testified against the bill. On the other side, two people spoke in support. Gun-rights advocates also buried legislators in thousands of letters and e- mails.

via Americans Like Guns, NRA Even After Newtown: Paul Barrett – Businessweek.

Right after the Newtown incident there was a spike to just above 50% of people maybe willing to accept some sort of restrictions on guns. That was a spike based on feelings. That spike is quickly dropping back to where it was before, a little over 40% are willing to accept some sort of restrictions. Define the restrictions rather than just having an ambiguous “some sort of restrictions” and I’m thinking you will see a lot more push back.

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