Nicole Cooke Retires From Cycling

Nicole Cooke retired from cycling today. This woman had an amazing run in women’s cycling and it wasn’t clouded with doping allegations. Actually, doping doesn’t seem to be a problem with women’s cycling. Getting your team sponsors to pay you what they signed you for is, though.

These women are every bit as good as the men in this sport and I, personally, think they ought to get the same recognition but they don’t. Nicole had this parting shot to take on that matter:

“When Lance cries on Oprah later this week and she passes him a tissue, spare a thought for all of those genuine people who walked away with no reward,” Cooke said. “Tyler Hamilton will make more money from a book describing how he cheated than I will make in all my years of honest labour.”

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I hope she writes a book on the sport. I’ll buy a copy.

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