No. No, you can’t just kill people.

I figure most of you have seen this headline:

Kill Americans memo reveals drone strikes on US citizens on US soil are LEGAL | Mail Online.

To be clear this is the opinion of a group of lawyers that are paid to come up with justifications for such stuff as this. It is not US law and I have just one response to this, “No. No, you can’t just kill people because you think they pose a danger to our country and if you do you better be prepared to prove they were an imminent threat to the security of our nation beyond all reasonable doubt.”

What I hope to see real soon is a video meme with a still picture of Pres. Barack Obama making a speech while in the background is playing someone impersonating his voice reading a few paragraphs of this memo. I mean, it’s his administration and his lawyers coming up with these words. He should be more than happy for someone to put these words in his mouth because that is what the Justice Department is doing with this memo.


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