First bionic hand that can feel

Bionic Hand

Okay, they have come up with a new experimental bionic hand for amputees. I think there have been other bionic hands that open and close based on sensing muscle movements in the stump but this one is different. It will actually interface with the patients nervous system and provide sensory feedback.

Dr Micera said that the hand will be attached directly to the patient’s nervous system via electrodes clipped onto two of the arm’s main nerves, the median and the ulnar nerves.

This should allow the man to control the hand by his thoughts, as well as receiving sensory signals to his brain from the hand’s sensors. It will effectively provide a fast, bidirectional flow of information between the man’s nervous system and the prosthetic hand.

via A sensational breakthrough: the first bionic hand that can feel – News – Gadgets & Tech – The Independent.

This is what is happening today. Think where this will take us twenty years down the road.

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