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Dan pointed to this article over on Flutterby and I had to share it. First, though, let me point out that I’m not adverse to people getting four year degrees, there are reasons beyond career goals for becoming as educated as possible. However, I am adverse to kids going for a four year degree right out of high school at all cost.

Let’s face it, not all high school graduates are ready for college and not all high school graduates require a degree for their chosen career path. For many people I think attaining a degree is best done over an extended period of time. If one is considering one’s earnings the article explains why.

In Virginia, graduates with technical degrees from community colleges make $20,000 more in the first year after college than do graduates in several fields who get bachelor’s degrees. Yet high-school seniors are regularly told that community colleges are for students who can’t hack it on a four-year campus.

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Now I think one of the reasons for people with a two year degree earning so much more right out of school is that those people attending a community college are more likely to be part time students who are gaining several years of experience to go with the two year degree. The four year graduate has a more advanced degree with no experience.


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