Did Lois Lerner waive her right to invoke the Fifth Amendment?

I am as aghast of the antics of the IRS as the next person, may be more so, but I’m also a very adamant defender of one’s right not to incriminate one’s self. If I suspect you are questioning me in order to gain evidence to prosecute me I am shutting up and that appears to be exactly what Lois Lerner did after making a statement that she had done nothing wrong.

However, Darrell Issa seems to think that claiming one’s innocence is a waiver of that right.

But the fact that she reiterated some of the same answers she gave the inspector general during his investigation prompted the panel’s chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) to remark, “At this point, I believe you have not asserted your rights, but have effectively waived your rights.”

via Did Lois Lerner waive her right to invoke the Fifth Amendment?.

Mr. Issa, you are a dumbass and a very un American one at that. She has an absolute right to keep her mouth shut when being asked questions intended to incriminate her and that is exactly what your hearing was set up to do.

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