China’s Shuanghui buys US pork icon Smithfield

China’s Shuanghui is buying Smithfield. Smithfield uses feedlot pigs. Feedlot pigs have their own problems. They are crammed together with little room for exercise, shot full of antibiotics and fed the cheapest feed available but I’ve always considered the processing of Smithfield products to be of higher quality than most. That’s why I’m a little anxious about this buy out. However maybe the Chinese won’t pull down the quality of Smithfield products and maybe the quality of Shuanghui’s products will improve from this move.

“Shuanghui will gain access to high-quality, competitively-priced and safe US products, as well as Smithfields best practices and operational expertise,” he said.

via AFP: China’s Shuanghui buys US pork icon Smithfield.

Now let’s just hope that production isn’t moved to China.

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