How’d That Get There?

A farmer in Oregon finds some weeds growing where they shouldn’t be so he hit ’em with Roundup®. They didn’t die. Finding that to be very peculiar he takes those weeds to Oregon State University where they test them where they find that this is wheat containing the Monsanto® Roundup Ready® gene.

This is disturbing in that GMO wheat has not been approved for commercial use. Monsanto hasn’t field tested Roundup Ready® wheat since 2005 and there have been no field tests of Roundup Ready® wheat in Oregon since 2001! Where did this come from? Where else could it be? Is it going to show up on an organic farm next?

The Agriculture Department attempted to allay our fears with this statement:

The department said it was not known yet whether any of the wheat got into the food supply or into grain shipments. Even if it did, officials said, it would pose no threat to health. The Food and Drug Administration reviewed the wheat and found no safety problems with it in 2004.

via Modified Wheat Is Discovered in Oregon – via Flutterby

I may have an argument with them over whether or not any GMO crop is truly safe and poses no health problems but there is no arguing over the fact that free range GMO wheat just popping up where it isn’t planted poses a very clear and imminent economic threat to our wheat farmers.

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