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Throw The Book At Him

A cyclist attempting to catch up to the group that had dropped him ploughs through a red traffic light and through a busy crosswalk on Santa Monica Blvd and Third Street, runs into a pedestrian in the crosswalk and seriously injures her. This is down close to the pier and is way too busy of an intersection to be playing Freddie Rodriguez.

If we cyclist are going to ride our bikes in traffic and expect to be treated as a vehicle just like the motorist are then we need to conduct ourselves as we expect motorists to conduct themselves, in a safe and responsible manner. I have no problem with the book being thrown at this guy.

According to Santa Monica police, Rocky Martin was trying to catch up to a group of fellow riders on Santa Monica Blvd on June 24th of last year when he blew through a red light at the popular Third Street Promenade, weaving dangerously through a crowd of pedestrians crossing with the light.

Until he collided with a woman walking with her family, knocking her down and seriously injuring her.

Make no mistake. He deserved to be charged for his actions, just as a driver who ran a red light and injured a pedestrian should be. If we expect motorists to be held responsible for their actions behind the wheel, we have to assume the same responsibility.

via A reckless rider pleads guilty to assault with a deadly weapon. But does that say more about the city that charged him than the cyclists that ride there? | Streetsblog Los Angeles.

The problem comes in that they charged him with Assault With a Deadly Weapon, a felony. Motorists in similar incidents aren’t charged with felonies. A lot of people are protesting him getting this severe of a penalty but, you know what? I’m all in favor of it. If you ride like a knucklehead expect to pay the consequences and as long as there are riders like Rocky Martin out there the rest of us cyclist are going to pay for his misconduct.

I’ve got to get me one of these!

What is the attraction of bicycles to grown men? Well, for one thing riding a bicycle around town gives you the exercise you need to add one more pint to the tab without feeling guilty about adding to the gut. Also a nice long bike ride just makes the beer taste that much better. See, bicycles and beer just go together so this was only natural.

for the ultimate beer-toting bicycle experience, you need the Growler City Bicycle, which has a gallon-sized beer holder built right into the frame.

via Ultimate bike cupholder can carry a gallon of beer | Grist.

That one gallon growler is necessary so that there is some beer left when you get home after you’ve ridden to the local growler store to fill up your growler. ;)

Dude — The Guy Was Just Money

Kobe Bryant names his top five all time NBA stars with a special acknowledgement of rival Celtics player Larry Byrd.

“I will say, as the years go on, people really forgot how great Larry Bird was,” he said. “He was ridiculous. And I grew up in L.A. — just like everyone else here — hating his guts. Dude — the guy was just money.”

via Kobe Bryant Says Larry Bird ‘Was Just Money,’ Most People Have Forgotten ‘How Great’ He Was | Boston Celtics | NESN.com.

Tesla unveils 90-second battery-pack swap

CNN is reporting that Tesla Motors has demonstrated that you can swap out their batteries in about 90 seconds, making it possible to stop in at a Tesla supercharging station, swap a discharged battery for a new battery and be back on the road faster than a conventional gas car filling up an empty tank with gas.

At a demonstration in California Thursday night, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the battery swap stations will be installed throughout the network of “supercharging” stations that Tesla is already installing around the nation. The supercharging stations currently provide free recharging in about an hour. Musk said the battery swap, which will cost between $50 and $80, will allow drivers to get back on the road faster if they’d like.

via Tesla unveils 90-second battery-pack swap – Jun. 21, 2013.

My concern here is the condition of the new battery. If I drive in with a new Tesla the odds are going to become high very soon that the battery I’m getting is going to have more charge/recharge cycles on it than the battery I’m swapping out. This may not be a concern if I’m regularly swapping batteries.

Update!: The LA Times has a much better article that goes into the swapping details a little more and has video of the swap taking place.

In practice, say a driver on a road trip pulls into a station, swaps out their battery for that gas-equivalent cost, and continues on their way. When they pull through the same station on the return trip, they will be able to either get the same battery they switched out — now fully recharged — or have an entirely new battery put in. They will have to pay again for the swap, and pay any difference between the value of their battery and the new one. Drivers who have the time can recharge their battery

via Tesla reveals battery swap plan for its high-end electric cars – latimes.com.