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Flowers Are Red, Green Leaves Are Green….


New Apartments on Chattanooga's Northshore run awry of local neighbors for colors.

New Apartments on Chattanooga’s Northshore run awry of local neighbors for colors.

Chattanooga’s Northshore is an artsy sort of place determined not to look like suburbia. So when a new apartment complex was built it was surprising to me that the neighbors complained about the pastel color scheme the developer chose for it.┬áPersonally, I like this color scheme but the developer, wanting to be a good neighbor, has asked his architect to come up with a more subtle color scheme for the apartments.

I hope he sticks with this pallet for the building. It might offset the blandness of the Publix that is moving in down the street.

There is a poll at the link above about changing the color scheme. Please let the Chattanooga Times Free Press no what you think about this.