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US Extradition Demands Over Snowden Beginning to Turn Shrill

This is starting to make US official look pitifully impotent. Supposedly the US is the strongest, most powerful nation on Earth but demands for the return of Edward Snowden to the US to face espionage charges seem to just be amusing the countries we are making the demands on.

Snowden was suppose to be on a plane from Russia to Cuba this morning but he apparently didn’t show. As to our demands that Russia expel him from their country a Russian official had this to say:

“The Americans can’t demand anything,” Lukin said, referring to the international saga dismissively. “Detective stories are good bedtime reading.”

via Russia says it has no authority to expel Snowden; Kerry: ‘deeply troubling’ – The Washington Post.

Real strength stems from righteousness. This Snowden affair has revealed that the US government has little righteousness. You don’t spy on your own people without reasonable suspicion that laws are being broken and, in spite of what many might say, yes, our bill of rights does pertain to non-citizens outside of the US. The constitution is a limit on our government’s powers, not rights conferred on its citizens.