Panama City Beach Report (#PCBReport)

photoI spent the last week in Panama City Beach, FL with my family. Most of my time there I spent on the beach reading a book. I had one of those 8’x8′ sun shelters to sit under while I was there and I needed to set it up near the water. I got out early Monday morning to set it up before it got crowded and got a pretty good spot.

While I was setting it up the kid renting the beach chairs approached and asked that I not set up in front of his chairs. Panama City Beach is a public beach. He didn’t mind setting his chairs in front of my sun shelter so I told him it was a public beach and to pound sand. He went to the next guy to tell him the same thing then helped him move.

This guy then saw I hadn’t moved so he moved back.

In the meantime, the chair rental people started setting up their folding chairs and umbrellas right at the high tide mark. However, some folks had already set up umbrellas and folding chairs at the high tide mark. The rental people skipped setting up their chairs around most of these but one group of chairs was far enough back the chair rental people just set their folding chairs up just inches in front of theirs.

That didn’t set too well with the people who had gotten up at 6:00AM to claim their spot on the beach. They moved their chairs in front of the rental people’s chairs.

That didn’t set too well with the rental people.

It became real apparent real fast why this section of the Gulf Coast is called the #RedNeckRiviera. Take one arrogant beach rental mgr and one retired Nashville construction worker on vacation with family and watch fireworks.

Of course the police were called. What kind of story would it have been had they not been called.

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