Too Much Sugar Really Is Bad For You

If you drink three sugary drinks a day you stand a greater risk of impotence, if you are a man, and a greater risk of just dying, if you are a woman, than People who don’t have all that added sugar in their diet.

That the findings of a new study from the University of Utah.

About 35 percent of the high-sugar females died, twice the 17 percent death rate for female control mice. Those who ate more sugar initially had higher birth rates, perhaps due to the extra energy. The rates declined as the study progressed, partly because more of them died.

While the death rate for both male groups was the same — 55 percent, due to the competition for territory — the high-sugar males acquired and held 26 percent fewer territories than control males. They also produced one-quarter fewer offspring, as determined by a genetic analysis.

via Three-soda-a-day sugar habit could be toxic, Utah study finds | The Salt Lake Tribune.

Coincidentally, according to this article these are the same symptoms seen in children born from parents who are also first cousins.


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