Cop claims he’s issued nearly 800 tickets for texting and driving

I’m not an advocate of texting and driving but I am an advocate of not creating a problem where none exist. This is what really annoys me about this cop’s attitude:

Myer said he sees most people typing away on their phones while waiting at red lights.

“Most people think they’re safe there,” Myers said.

However, he said it’s still illegal.

“At a red light, you’re still driving. according to the law. You’re on a roadway, behind (the wheel of) a car, in charge of it, with a vehicle in drive,” Myers said.

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Laws are written to resolve a problem in society, not to create a problem for someone who isn’t causing a problem. I know I’m in the minority of a lot of my friends in saying this but texting while stopped at a traffic light and not impeding traffic is not causing a problem for anyone. Why does this officer think it’s necessary to create a problem for these drivers when these drivers aren’t causing a problem?

4 thoughts on “Cop claims he’s issued nearly 800 tickets for texting and driving

  1. Gerri

    Sometimes I get behind someone who is texting at a traffic light and the light changes and they keep texting and don’t move forward.

    1. Dan Lyke

      I think the statistics which suggest that in states where texting while driving is banned, the accident rates due to texting have gone up suggests that the problem is distracted drivers. I’ve been behind drivers who were distracted by something and didn’t go when the light turned green long before texting and cell phones, and I assume I will be afterwards.

      Some drivers are going to be oblivious to road conditions. The texting is really an orthogonal issue.

  2. Dan Lyke

    bing. Yep, this is about more arbitrary rules to have citizens jump through, not about safety. If it were actually about safety they’d have stopped when they realized that banning cell phone use didn’t change accident rates.

    1. Larry Burton Post author

      The importance of this law for law enforcement isn’t safety, the importance is that it gives probable cause for stopping and detaining the driver which opens up the possibility of a search which increases the chance of them being able to confiscate your car.


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