Dropout Jeep Isn’t An SUV That Didn’t Finish School.

I’m sitting here reading an article about “Dropout Jeep” which has me staring at the iPhone laying here on my desk. It seems the NSA has developed a piece of malware that they can install onto any iPhone which will then give them complete control of the phone. This includes reading any iMessage delivered or sent by the phone, transfer any file on the phone, read any e-mail on the phone and turn on the microphone and the camera.

And here’s the thing, they are saying this malware can be installed on any iPhone at any time, any where.

They also claim the ability to always inject these commands and obtain the information with 100% success all the time, every time.

That’s a pretty big brag. I can’t imagine how they could have done this without Apple’s help. I also can’t imagine them being able to do this with an iPhone and not an Android or Windows phone.

UPDATE: Apple says they had nothing to do with this.

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