Clemency for Snowden?

The New York Times and The Guardian are both calling for clemency for Edward Snowden from the Obama administration citing the abuses he has uncovered. This is good news but I’m doubting it will do much good. Most of the popular media is content to continue rolling out stories blaming Snowden for the economic damage various tech companies are suffering due to the company’s own decisions to be complicit with the NSA in making it easy to spy on their customers.

Honestly? I believe that the upcoming mini-series “The Asset” that ABC is producing is being used as propaganda to further damage Snowden’s reputation, to associate Snowden with Ames. So while a couple of major media outlets are calling for clemency for Snowden it seems like all others are finding ways to paint Snowden in the worst light.

The New York Times editorial can be found here.

The Guardian editorial can be found here.

 And The Atlantic chimes in.

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