Do Facts Matter Any More?

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As far as I know all you need to do to buy a car is show your money. If the title is signed over you legally own the car whether the title is registered to the DMV or not and that is perfectly legal as long as the car doesn’t make an appearance on a public road. If you buy a gun from a dealer you must pass a background check in all states and in some states you must get a permit to just purchase a gun.

In all but three states; Arizona, Alaska and New Hampshire; you must have a permit to carry a gun in public. The requirements for receiving range from passing a background check only to passing a background check, having a certificate proving completion of an approved safety course and approval of the local sheriff.

The analogy that Lt. Col. Bateman is trying to draw here is inaccurate. It’s comparing apples to oranges. In every state buying a firearm is at least as regulated as buying a car and in almost every state carrying a firearm in public is at least as regulated as driving a car. In every state the usage of a firearm is far more heavily regulated than the usage of a motor vehicle.

Make your argument with facts. Don’t just make up an argument.

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