We Build Cities For Cars, Not People

Dan posted the quote, “We build cities for cars, not people,” yesterday as a set up for his punch line, “which means we already serve robot masters, but not hyper intelligent ones.” However the quote intrigued me enough to google it and find what might have been the original source:

We build cities for cars, not people. This means that we spread out much more than we have to, and consequently end up paying more for transportation than we do for housing. Our grandparents could afford higher quality houses than we can because they spent so much less on transportation.

via Houston’s also living in post-Katrina time – Houston Chronicle.

Reading that quote in context got me thinking about how much we spend because of transportation cost imposed on us by the way we plan and build our communities. We end up compromising other areas in our lives because we put so much of our personal resources into our transportation needs.

The entire article is well worth the read.

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