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Retro Media Server Based on Raspberry Pi and Cassette Player

Now this is about as cool as it gets. A guy takes an old cassette tape recorder, takes out the guts and installs a Raspberry Pi inside programmed as a Spotify media server. The buttons on the recorder act just like they are supposed to for playing, pausing rewinding, fast forwarding and stopping the music. The ingenious part is that it uses a NFC (Near Field Communications) tag in old cassette tapes to identify which playlist to play. Flip the tape or change it and you play a whole different set of songs.

Unemployment Rates Fall in 31 US States Last Month – ABC News

I don’t believe the employment rate is controlled much by any government office holder. I don’t believe politicians bring on recessions and I don’t believe they are responsible for booms. Still, watching politicians use economic statistics to prop up their credentials or to tear down their opponents can be fun.

With that in mind I’ve been watching Jason Carter beat Nathan Deal over the head with recent unemployment figures showing Georgia to have the worst case of unemployment in the country while Deal was touting the fantastic number of jobs he has created.

Now we hear that Georgia’s unemployment numbers may not be so bad.

In Georgia, the unemployment rate fell to 7.9 percent from 8.1 percent last month, a potential boost for GOP Gov. Nathan Deal. Deal is in a close race with Jason Carter, grandson of former president Jimmy Carter.

Deal has questioned the accuracy of the state’s rate after it jumped sharply over the summer. It was 6.9 percent in April. Yet the state has added 83,100 jobs in the past year, boosting total jobs in the state by 2.1 percent. That’s faster than the national pace.

via Unemployment Rates Fall in 31 US States Last Month – ABC News.

So where will Jason Carter go with this and what will he do for campaign ads for the next two weeks until the election?

Did Obama just say that?

When President Obama declared:

“The bottom line is, though, these are all folks who vote with me,” said Obama. “They have supported my agenda in Congress.”

via Did Obama just hand GOP a weapon to use against endangered Democrats? – CSMonitor.com.

… on Al Sharpton’s radio show you know Michelle Nunn could have bit nails in two. This is exactly what her opponent, David Perdue, has been telling us. And it’s exactly what she’s been running away from.

I’m back.

I’m sorry about being gone. The problem was that several old, stale websites that I had stopped maintaining got hacked and my service provider suspended my account until I could get it cleaned up. That took time and unfortunately I haven’t had that much time lately.

The lesson to that is that if you are using popular software to run your website you need to keep it up to date and that includes websites you’ve ceased to actively update and are keeping it up for reference purposes.