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So Walk It Off Wasn’t That Bad of Advice

I’ve never liked ice packs. They are the most uncomfortable part of treating a muscle injury and I honestly really want to put heat on it instead of cold. My instincts might be right.

Gary Reinl has an ice pack at home that he’s saving for a special occasion. Despite decades of experience in the sports medicine industry, he’s not keeping it in the freezer in case someone has a sprained ankle that begins to swell. Quite the contrary. He is holding onto the ice pack for the day when no one asks for ice to nurse injuries. “My goal,” he says, “is to take it to the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices and have it displayed there.”

via Why ice doesn’t help an injury and could even make it worse.

When I was a kid and got hurt the advice I was often given was to rub a little dirt in it and walk it off. Then people went against that and told me to put ice on it and rest. Heat has always felt better than cold and it seems like that might be the correct treatment.

Genetics are amazing. If you aren’t African you aren’t all human.

This is a very interesting article on using genetics to determine when humans first left Africa. However, being a somewhat enlightened Son of the South I love the irony of this statement:

Prof Paabo and his team published research in 2010 which showed that all non-African humans today have Neanderthal DNA. But that genetic material has been broken into much smaller chunks over the generations.

via BBC News – DNA yields secrets of human pioneer.

So while my ancestors may have justified slavery by saying that their African slaves weren’t completely human the truth of the matter is that it was the slave owner that wasn’t completely human.