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Does Age Really Matter?

In a NY Times interview of the 84 year old filmmaker, Frederick Wiseman, he is asked if when he was younger if he had ever thought he’d still be making films at his current age. His answer is absolutely wonderful.

I didn’t think about it at all. I have a hard time recognizing that I’m 84, almost 85. I’m in complete denial, which I think is extremely useful. Of course from time to time I allow myself to be aware of it, but it’s not something that I dwell on. I like working. I work very intensely.

via Old Masters at the Top of Their Game – NYTimes.com.

Isn’t that a great answer? Why would anyone stop doing what they love just because they have reached some arbitrary age? If one loves what one does then one should continue doing it until one can’t. Right?

I still love getting up and going to work each morning and I’m still able to. I’m approaching retirement age pretty fast but why should I retire just because I reach some arbitrary age. I look at what I do and as long as my mind stays sharp I can’t see any reason to stop doing it unless it just becomes something I find myself dreading to do each morning.

This is a great story about people in their 80s and 90s still being productive and at the top of their game. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Hat tip to Dan.

He Said, She Said

The story is a common one, teenagers go to an after prom party at a cabin in the woods of the North Georgia Mountains where there is drinking and sex. Three teenaged boys are accused of sexually assaulting a “passed out drunk” teenaged girl at this party and a scandal ensues.

There are witnesses but witnesses change their story. I don’t know what happened because her story of being assaulted is just as plausible to me as the boys’ story of it being consensual. What I do want to comment on is Steve Williams’ actions in this case.

Spencer says a defense attorney cannot work with a lawyer who represents the state’s key witness. However, Williams argues that he can work the case because Harper is not actually a witness for the state; he is a witness for the defense.

via Calhoun prom assault witness says sex was consensual | Times Free Press.

At the very least Williams’ being partners with Harper’s attorney is going to crush Harper’s credibility as a witness. Williams needs to take himself off of this case and do everything he can to get Andrew Haynes a different lawyer. Under the current circumstances I can’t see how there can be a fair trial.