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Media Matter Retranslates Clinton Stupid Statement

And don’t let anybody tell you, that, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.

via Media Matters for America.

Hillary Clinton made a stupid statement. Yeah, she probably misspoke or got her tongue tangled but what came out is still stupid. Absolutely corporations and businesses create jobs. You don’t see people going straight to the consumer for employment, you see them going to businesses that are most often incorporated in search of employment. And since she’s a politician she’s going to get blasted by all of her opposition for her stupid statement.

Media Matters for America can’t just accept that this statement is stupid, though. They have to do everything they can to turn this on the people criticizing Madame Secretary Clinton for her stupid statement. That, you see, is the only purpose for Media Matters for America’s existence.

It Is a Cultural Thing

A one-year old boy is caught in the cross-fire of a gang shoot-out while coming home with his grandma from a birthday party and suffers a gunshot wound to his arm. He will live. This tragedy elicited a response from Clayton County District Attorney’s Investigator David Daniel as a comment to a Facebook post by a local TV station. The response has rightfully cost him his job.

“Violence with guns is unfortunately a part of the black culture and will never get better until the government stops supporting them and they are taught to work for what they get and not take from others.”

via ‘Offensive’ Facebook comment costs DA investigator his job | www.wsbtv.com.

I agree that the problem is cultural, but this isn’t “black” culture and it isn’t due to the government supporting people. The culture at the heart of this problem is the culture of sociopathy.

This culture of sociopathy occurs when you combine a young, charismatic sociopath with a community struggling with parenting. Poverty aggravates the struggle with parenting but it occurs in the suburbs and out in the country. A community with a large population that is also impoverished masks what this problem is stemming from.

Do you want to solve the problem? Get rid of poverty and identify and remove the sociopaths.