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Belgian man reinvents the wheel

Now this impresses me. If this is affordable when it hits the market all of my bikes using QR skewers will get this upgrade.

Jan has developed the D-Fix rear hub which attaches the cassette to the wheel in a different way. This means that the wheel can be removed separately, leaving the cassette behind.

via Belgian man reinvents the wheel – Cycling Weekly.

The Pope Calls Europe a Sterile Old Crone

There are so many ways to spin this stuff. What the Pope actually said was:

“In many quarters we encounter a general impression of weariness and aging, of a Europe which is now a ‘grandmother,’ no longer fertile and vibrant,” the pope, an Argentine, told the Parliament, where speeches usually trade in platitudes or mind-numbing technicalities.

via At European Parliament, Pope Bluntly Critiques a Continent’s Malaise –

Unfortunately there are many who call for the U.S. to be more like Europe.

Bills that would legalize marijuana introduced in Georgia

Georgia State Senator Curt Thompson (D-Norcross) has introduced a couple of bills about cannabis for the next session of the Georgia state legislature to consider. One would allow for a wider use of cannabis for medical purposes than the single use legislation considered in the last session and  reintroduced for the next session but the other is a bit more interesting,

SB 6 would allow those at least 21-years-old to purchase a “limited” amount of marijuana and taxes and fees from the sale would be split equally between education and transportation infrastructure.

via Bills that would legalize marijuana introduced in Georgia – The Washington Post.

SB 6 would put the question before the voters and would change the Georgia State Constitution if passed, something in the way of how alcohol sales on Sunday were made legal for the state. I asked my state senator, Renee Unterman, on Twitter what she thought the chances of the bill passing would be. Her answer was skeptical and non-committal.

I agree that this bill is a long shot. I would love to see the voters deciding this issue though. I think if put on the ballot it would pass. If you are a Georgia resident what do you think?

Since When Is Arrogance and Deception Not Used To Pass Bills?

In light of Jonathan Gruber’s recently gained notoriety over his remarks about using the voter’s stupidity to pass the Affordable Care Act Mr. Gruber has been invited to testify before the House Government and Oversight Committee and has accepted. It seems Chairman Darrell Issa was surprised by politicians arrogance and use of decept in getting the bill passed.

Issa said in a statement last week that he expects Gruber “to testify publicly next month about the arrogance and deceptions surrounding the passage and implementation of ObamaCare.”

via Jonathan Gruber agrees to testify in House –

Considering Mr. Issa’s voting record in Congress I’m finding his feigned surprise by Mr. Gruber’s revelations offensive.

Top Democrat Admits to Being In a Party of Dumb Asses.

It’s refreshing to hear a politician admit that his own party is the reason they are out of power and not the opposition. Charles Schumer did just that.

“After passing the stimulus, Democrats should have continued to propose middle class-oriented programs and built on the partial success of the stimulus, but unfortunately Democrats blew the opportunity the American people gave them,” he said. “We took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem.”

via Schumer: Democrats erred by pursuing health reform too soon – LA Times.

I’m not going to condemn the ACA here, there are some good parts to this legislation, but I am going to say that it wasn’t what the Democrats needed to burn their political capital in passing.

Only if every single citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure.
~ Albert Einstein

This is especially true right now.

There is a very apparent solution for the people of Ferguson

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch announced on Monday night that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in a press conference that many found baffling, unwieldy and inflammatory.

via Ferguson Prosecutor Robert McCulloch Gives Bizarre Press Conference.

Honestly, I don’t know if Officer Darren Wilson was justified in shooting Michael Brown and neither do you. All you and I know is that a grand jury in Ferguson refused to indict him for any crimes in the shooting. By doing a little research I also know that the Ferguson PD has only three black police officers out of a force of fifty-three. In a city with blacks making up 67% of the population this will raise an eyebrow.

Since the 2010 census blacks have made up the majority of Ferguson with whites making up only 27% of the population yet whites maintain full political control of the city. Evidently blacks are not running for office in Ferguson or blacks are not  voting in Ferguson.

To me it looks like there is an apparent solution to Ferguson’s problem and it ain’t burning down a Little Cesare’s.

Noise isn’t what’s distracting you.

Dan passed this along and it goes a long way in helping me understand why some of my best programming was done on a noisy factory floor while I’ve struggled to do the same in an office environment with other engineers discussing a problem in the background.

Justin Stout, Cambridge Sound Management’s acoustical expert, says noise in general isn’t to blame when it comes to lost productivity. “When we talk about distractions what we’re primarily concerned with is intelligibility,” says Stout.

via The Not So Silent Office Productivity Killer | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.

This makes a ton of sense to me. Now to figure out how to use this information to my best advantage.