I Dig Steel

I don’t know about you but I really, really, really dig a steel framed bike. Don’t get me wrong, I love riding my aluminum framed Specialized Allez with its carbon fork but it’s an aluminum bike with a carbon fork, something to like and even love but not something you can dig. It rides fast and fits me well but lacks a little something in style.
Velo-Orange Pass Hunter
Velo-Orange has a model they call the Pass Hunter. It’s a bike I can dig. It probably isn’t as fast as my Allez but it looks like something I could load up and ride and ride and ride.

I dig the cantilever brakes for their ability to scuff off the momentum my fat self and baggage builds up on downhills.  I also dig the fact that this allows me the clearance to put wider tires for better stability in gravel on the bike and still have room for a set of fenders. Fenders that I need to keep the lime spray from wet gravel roads from turning the bicycle a mottled white.

I dig the way the steel frame will absorb the vibrations from the road and deaden the shock to my wrists and butt from hitting an unavoidable pothole. I dig the fact that should the frame somehow get bent that I stand a chance of repairing it on the side of the road to at least a level of ridability that will get me back home or to a reasonable pick up point.

I have no beef with aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber bikes, they all have their place and can be sexy machines. I just dig steel over the long haul.

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