It’s again a felony to record the police in Illinois.

Dan passed this along and I think I need to make it as widespread as possible. Illinois is making it a felony to record law enforcement officers. To be sure, regular citizens are getting the same protection but at a lower sentencing rate.

According to, the bill discourages people from recording conversations with police by making unlawfully recording a conversation with police – or an attorney general, assistant attorney general, state’s attorney, assistant state’s attorney or judge – a class 3 felony, which carries a sentence of two to four years in prison. Meanwhile, the bill makes illegal recording of a private citizen a class 4 felony, which carries a lower sentencing range of one to three years in prison.

via Illinois Just Made it a Felony for Its Citizens to Record the Police and the Media is Silent | The Free Thought Project.

Now I’m not sure what constitutes “illegal recording” but I’m guessing it’s illegal to record anyone who doesn’t consent to being recording.

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