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Georgia Workers Lacking in Skills.

Georgia schools are failing their pupils. And it isn’t just the inner city schools of Atlanta it’s all over the state. We aren’t turning out students capable of writing code or maintaining factory equipment. We can’t find press operators or machinists and all the experienced workers are retiring soon.

At least that’s what the state’s High Demand Career Initiative found after thirteen meeting with more than 80 industry insiders. Their report was released yesterday.

At least 19 companies said they expect a large chunk of their employees to retire soon, and many don’t know how they will be replaced. Several others complained of a shortage of local skilled workers, particularly in the high-demand film and manufacturing industries.

That set off a scramble to fill their ranks. A Toyo Tires executive lamented that the firm had to go out of state to find maintenance workers. Ditto for LMC Manufacturing, which said it had to canvass the country because there are not enough skilled laborers here.

via Wanted: skilled Ga. workers.

We have to do something and I’m not real sure what it is.