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Who Really Cares About The Future of Sony’s Amy Pascal

Last night the news was all up in the air over the released emails between Sony Pictures Entertainment co-Chairman Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin. I have to be honest, before last night those were two names I had never heard.

It seems that Pascal had been invited to an Obama fundraiser by Dreamworks Animation’s Jeffery Katzenberg. It sounds like it was one of those things that people get invited to and, because of their position, can’t turn down but she really didn’t want to be their and was venting to Rudin about this in email. I’m assuming they are good friends and fairly close.

Pascal writes:

“Should I ask him if he liked DJANGO?” she wrote, referring to the film about a freed slave. Later in the exchange, Pascal wondered if she should ask Obama if he liked two other African American-focused films, “The Butler” and “Think Like a Man.”

via Future of Sony’s Amy Pascal questioned after hacked email revelations – LA Times.

Reading that I’m assuming that one of the reasons she doesn’t want to go is that while she might support Obama as president she has no idea what to ask him and no real interest in conversation with him in this type of environment. If I had read that about me I wouldn’t have been much concerned. Pres. Obama probably didn’t really want to be at that fund raiser either and had no idea what to ask Ms. Pascal. I can see him venting to Denis McDonough, his chief of staff, “I have no idea what to say to this woman? Do I ask her about shopping on Rodeo Drive?”

So what’s the big deal about any of these leaks? I can see had an email been released that had the State Department asking Sony not to release the movie, “The Interview”, because the CIA actually had a similar plan in place. Now that would have been news, but an email showing that some producer thinks Angelina Jolie is hard to work with and has minimal talent? I think that’s pretty much self-evident and could be easily corroborated by interviewing Billy Bob Thornton.

Some egos may have been bruised and some faces may be red but these are all public figures. If their skin is that thin they are in the wrong business.