So What About the Cigar Industry?

I like cigars. I smoke one or two a month and because I don’t smoke them any more than that I can afford to pay for a premium cigar. So what do I think about the effect of normalization of trade with Cuba and the cigar industry?

My favorite cigar is the La Gloria Cubana Series “R” No. 5 in a Maduro wrapper. I buy them anywhere from $7.50 to $12.00 apiece. This cigar comes out of the Dominican Republic and is, in my opinion, as fine as any cigar coming out of Cuba. When trade is normalized I see people initially jumping onto Cuban cigars but then after the novelty is off reverting back to what they like.

“U.S. residents like Cuban cigars not only because of their quality, but also because they were prohibited,” said Pedro Cabrera, co-owner of Bavaro, the Dominican Republic-based retailer and manufacturer of Cigarros Pedro Lopez. Cabrera called Wednesday’s developments “huge news.”

via End of Cuba embargo: Big news for cigar industry.

What is exciting me more about cigars and the normalization of trade with Cuba is adding some Cuban tobacco to other blends to create new cigars with a greater diversity of flavor. The coming year will be interesting.

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