Rubio Just Needs to Grab Another Sip of Water

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio did a little jousting today over opening up trade with Cuba. Paul is for it, Rubio is against it. My opinion is with Paul and I believe Paul did a much better job of defending his position that Rubio.

“He has no idea what he is talking about…” he said. “What’s hurting the Cuban people is not the embargo, what’s hurting the Cuban people is the Cuban government.”

via Marco Rubio, Rand Paul trade barbs on U.S.-Cuba deal | Fox News Latino.

I agree that the Cuban government is hurting the Cuban people but I also know that until we resume normal trade with Cuba there can’t be free trade in Cuba. Yes, Cuban citizens will only be allowed to use the U.S. Dollar on the black market in Cuba but look at the black market that can be built.

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