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Mental Health Isn’t An Issue With Gun Violence

Kimberly Yonkers, MD, a psychiatrist  and professor at the Yale School of Medicine, makes a very good point regarding the concentration on the treatment of mental disorders as a primary method of reducing gun violence.

But it is time to recognize that adequate treatment for people with a mental disorder is a distinct problem from gun violence. A much better indicator of whether someone will be violent is whether they come from a violent, poverty stricken environment, and whether they struggle with addiction. Eliminating poverty, domestic violence and childhood exposure to bloodshed would likely make a dent in our problem with gun violence. It may even have made a difference in the life of Ismaaiyl Brinsley.

From РStop blaming mental health for gun violence. The problem is guns. РThe Washington Post 

Dr. Yonkers makes a very good point. Poverty and childhood experience with bloodshed and violence breeds violent adults. Violent adults most often vent that violence in domestic situations which exposes a new generation to violence and bloodshed. The best solution isn’t to concentrate on gun control or mental disorders. The best solution is the true reduction of poverty and that involves education and job opportunities, not just handouts.