Daily Archives: Monday, 19-Jan-2015

Boycott Liam Neeson? I have absolutely no desire to do so.

Liam Neeson went on a rant against the high incidence of gun ownership in the U.S. calling it disgraceful. Now the supplier of guns to his new movie “Taken 3” is up in arms calling for a boycott of Liam Neeson movies. I find this as unpalatable as I do Moms Demand Action demanding a boycott of stores not banning guns from their properties.

Mr. Neeson is a naturalised U.S. citizen so he should be aware of our constitutional guarantees. As with any other U.S. citizen he has a right to work toward changing our laws that he believes are unjust. I enjoy his movies and won’t stop seeing them just because we don’t see eye to eye on things. Little good it will do in changing his mind about guns even if no one went to watch his movies again.