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What’s Your Goal Reduce the Number of Guns or Reduce the Number of Shootings?

So what is it you want to do, get rid of guns or stop people from getting shot? There is a big difference there, you know. In a country of 325 million people that has 300 million guns in private hands you can’t pass any more laws that will keep these guns out of the wrong hands. The only thing you can do is persuade gun owners to be more responsible in storing their guns.

Surprisingly this author of this Aljezeera America article has it exactly right in every way. Make it cool to secure your weapon. Work with the NRA to make it happen and quite trying to make someone else do something, persuade them to do it.

But this isn’t about what’s fair. It’s about seeing to it that fewer people get shot, which is a much more important goal than sticking it to the National Rifle Association or scoring political points.

via Gun-control Advocates Gun Owners Allies | Al Jazeera America.

Seriously, let’s stop with the being confrontational, finding blame and using coercion. Let’s start with doing things to keep people from getting shot.


If I Come Up With a Theory With No Way Conduct An Experiment To Test It, Is It Science?

String Theory and the Multiverse are intriguing ideas but there is currently no way to conduct an experiment to directly observe the multiple dimensions and pocket universes they require. So can a theory that can’t be proven or disproven by any known experiment really science?

This article, The Most Dangerous Ideas In Science : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR poses this dilemma. Do we accept theories now just because they are sufficiently elegant and explanatory without testing them experimentally? When I first started reading it I thought, “No!” Now, after finishing it, I’m not so sure.