New ACLU Cellphone App Automatically Preserves Video of Police Encounters | The Nation

The ACLU has released an app that streams video you are taking to their server for preservation should the police confiscate your phone and destroy the video you have taken. I see a real need for an app like this and I might download it except for one thing, the video is sent to an ACLU server and not a server under my control or at least under the control of someone of my choice.

The app features a large red “Record” button in the middle of the screen. When it’s pressed, the video is recorded on the phone and a duplicate copy is transmitted simultaneously to the ACLU server. When the “stop” button is pressed, a “Report” screen appears, where information about the location of the incident and the people involved can also be transmitted to the ACLU. The video and the information are treated as a request for legal assistance and reviewed by staff members. No action is taken by the ACLU, however, unless an explicit request is made, and the reports are treated as confidential and privileged legal communications. The videos, however, may be shared by the ACLU with the news media, community organizations or the general public to help call attention to police abuse.

Source: New ACLU Cellphone App Automatically Preserves Video of Police Encounters | The Nation

And this is all great if the only reason you might have for moving video to a safe place as you are taking it is to document civil liberties abuse but what if I’m wanting to document a dispute between two private entities and the person who I’m having the dispute with grabs and destroys my phone? I like the app but how about someone coming up with one that will save it to my server or to the service of my choice?

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