Why Cops … Stay Quiet About Police Brutality

Ten percent of you were meant to be police officers. You have it in your blood and bones and you will excel in this profession. For 80% of you, this is a job. It’s a job you will do well and honorably for your career with the NYPD. Ten percent of you should never have made it this far. You are too dumb, too damaged, or too criminal to be police officers and you very well will be hurt, killed, or arrested in the years to come.

Source: Why Cops Like Me Stay Quiet About Police Brutality

This story is one everyone should read. I’m fairly fast at bashing bad police behavior but I hope I never lose sight of the fact that these men and women in blue are human and even the best of them can make a wrong choice in the split second they are given to make them. Occasionally one of those wrong choices has horrible, horrible consequences.

We still need to condemn those bad decisions, those bad actions, and hold people accountable but never lose sight of the fact that all lives matter, even the cops.

Thanks, Dan.

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