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You “like” me, you really “like” me.

I don’t care whether Facebook knows when people like my content but I do care when people do like my content. I really wish the “like” button down there kept track on my site which articles y’all like and would give me a report showing the ongoing popularity of all the articles on my site that people “like”.

So, do any WordPress Plugin developers want to build a “Like” plugin that works my way? It can publish to Facebook or +1 to Google or anything else but above that it needs to track the “Likes” on each article and compare it to all articles on this blog. Being able to see “likes” by categories would be needed also. A bonus is given if I can look at “likes” by tags.

Intellectual Arguments? No, those were all emotional.

“Everytown has done a great job of presenting intellectual arguments to people about gun violence prevention, common sense laws and public safety measures, but we really weren’t engaging people emotionally,” Jason Rzepka, the Director of Cultural Engagement for Everytown told The Daily Beast. “But for some reason it felt like the movement wasn’t moving as quickly as it could. We hadn’t made it easy enough for people to show their support for the issue.”

Source: Can Slacktivists Stop Gun Violence? When Fashion Meets Activism – The Daily Beast

No, Jason, your organization hasn’t done a great job of presenting intellectual arguments, every argument presented is based on false assumptions, disconnected datasets or pure emotions. Your social media campaign is made up entirely of sound bites and memes and those aren’t intellectual arguments, they are marketing tools.

Don’t feel alone in this, though. Gun rights activists have done no better. I’m especially troubled by open carry activists even though I’m sympathetic to their cause. They have given you a very easy target to take pot shots at.

But, I shouldn’t be surprised, your organization was derived from Mother’s Demand and I have to believe that Shannon Watts had something to do with your public relations campaign strategies. Her organization has been intellectually dishonest from the beginning. Her platform started out with Mother’s Demand being an informational outlet that did not condone boycotts. Boycotts are the only claim to success her organization has and most of those successes were actually failures spun to look like wins.

You may one day be successful and get guns banned in the U.S. but you won’t do it on intellectual arguments, you will do it with distorted data and out and out lies. I’d rather not be successful that way.