Terrorism Is Really Just A Distraction

Terrorism is going to end up ruining our country. Not because of the danger it poses to us, that’s actually negligible, but because it has become a major distraction preventing us from focusing on what is really important and that is our economy.

We have a shrinking middle class, a vastly underemployed work force and a population that is aging into retirement. We have corporations stockpiling money offshore while refusing to increase wages and benefits for their workers. We still have large urban wastelands where unemployment is rampant, poverty is high and kids are dropping out of school in record numbers.

These are all problems that we face everyday and affects each and every one of us. Terrorism is scary and it costs lives but the numbers are miniscule when compared to the mortality rate of infants in this country. Terrorism should piss you off and you should feel empathy with the victims of it, both here and abroad, but terrorism shouldn’t distract us from improving the economic well being of all citizens of this country.

But it is.

It has Republicans calling for us to stop the humanitarian relief efforts of allowing a small number of families (10,000) who are refugees from Syria from settling into our country. One Republican has even gone so far as to suggest registering Muslims due to their religious beliefs and forbidding any Muslims from anywhere from entering our country.

This even has Hillary Clinton switching her message to a message one would expect to hear from a Republican, looking to limit our freedom of speech and increasing surveillance on the citizens of this country and ramping up military like activities against our citizens:

Clinton’s strategy will include shutting down the terrorist network’s recruitment efforts online, stopping would-be jihadists from getting training overseas, preventing foreign fighters from coming into the U.S., discovering plots before they can be carried out and supporting law enforcement officers who respond to such attacks, according to a campaign official. She will also call for empowering Muslim-American communities here in the U.S.

Source: How Hillary Clinton Says the US Can Stop Domestic Terrorism – ABC News

This is not what we need to be doing!

We need to be concentrating on the economy. That is what will do the most good for the most Americans. That will reverse the downward spiral of the Middle Class, stabilize the retirement accounts for our aging citizens, put our cities back on sound financial footing and reduce crime and violence in our streets.

And agree with him or not, that is the direction Bernie Sanders wants to take the conversation.

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