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Michael Moore is getting might close to the crux of the matter.

Michael Moore says the NRA has it half right. Suprisingly he’s closer to 75% right in his assessment of the problem.

Unfortunately, even if we had stronger gun laws, we would still have a few thousand gun deaths in this country. That’s because we have a problem no law can solve. Canada has strict gun laws, but they also have an estimated five million hunting rifles and shotguns in their homes — and they don’t go and shoot each other on a daily basis like we do. In 2013, they had a total of 131 gun murders in a nation of 35 million people. We have nine times their population, but fifty-fives times their gun killings. How can this be?

Source: Michael Moore on New Wave of Gun Violence: “The NRA Is Actually Half Right” (Guest Column) – Hollywood Reporter

Look at where the killings are happening and then consider the environment.