Don’t just do something, do something that works!

Some people wonder why I can get so wound up in opposing gun control. It isn’t because I’m an avid shooter or a gun collector, it’s because I hate seeing people implement solutions that are going to put a burden on people who aren’t the problem and that just aren’t going to work. People don’t just shoot someone only because they have a gun, there has to be some motivation driving that decision to shoot. Paul Heroux, a state representative in Massachusetts, feels the same way and has written a great article on this.

A lot of the solutions that are proposed by people who fiercely for or against guns just don’t work. They argue about what they think should work or what makes sense, or what fits their political worldview, but not what has been empirically proven to reduce gun violence.

Source: Guns and Politics and What Actually Reduces Gun Violence | Paul Heroux

Reducing gun violence isn’t going to happen by controlling guns, you have to control people to reduce gun violence and, more importantly, identifying the people that must be controlled. Mr. Heroux gives some examples of how proven methods of doing this have been verified.

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