Money For Nothing? I don’t think so.

Hillary Clinton is pushing real hard to be recognized as a progressive while she battles against Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination for President. She’s also trying to keep hold of the “moderate” label as well so she can move into that should she win the nomination. However, that progressive label is hard to apply to someone who has taken so much money from Wall Street.

In fact, only Jeb Bush has accepted more donations from the financial sector than Sec. Clinton during this election cycle and those donations have fallen off in favor of Marco Rubio. Rubio still lags Clinton in donations from the bankers.

When we look at the latest FEC reports we find out the following interesting facts:

  • “In all, donors from Wall Street and other financial-services firms have given $44.1 million to support Hillary Clinton’s campaigns and allied super PACs, compared with $39.7 million in backing that former president Bill Clinton received from the industry.”
  • “Only about $75,000 of the $75 million Sanders has raised for his 2016 campaign has come from donors in the finance sector.”
  • “With the $21.4 million that Wall Street has given for her current White House bid, Clinton is on track to quickly exceed the nearly $23 million that she raised in her three previous campaigns combined from the PACs and employees of banks, hedge funds, securities firms and insurance companies.” (Read the full story here.)

Source: The Daily 202: Hillary Clinton makes her Wall Street problem worse – The Washington Post

That’s a lot of money to be spent not to expect some form of return. How does that reflect any progressive credentials?

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