Yes, There Is A Pragmatic Case for Bernie Sanders

I’ve been trying to explain to people that Hillary Clinton is not the person to nominate as a fire break against the Republicans. Hillary is not the electable candidate. She will not get out the vote like Bernie Sanders will in the general election and she fares worse than Sanders in head to head polling against Republicans.

Chis Cook, in the Atlantic, agrees with me.

On the pragmatics of electability, nearly every major national poll consistently shows Sanders equaling or bettering Clinton against all Republicans. Polls show Sanders nearly tied with Clinton nationally and rising. On electability, if anything, Sanders has the edge right now. There is nothing empirical to suggest Clinton’s superior electability—quite the contrary given her loss to Barack Obama in 2008 and her flagging campaign this year. While Clinton might gain more moderate Independents (particularly against a polarizing Republican nominee), Sanders can inspire massive Democratic and liberal Independent turnout and likely win over many white working-class swing voters.

Source: The Pragmatic Case for Bernie Sanders – The Atlantic

Sanders is attracting young people to the primaries and caucuses in numbers not seen since Kennedy ran for the Democratic nod in ’59. Young people are notorious for not showing up at the polls unless there is someone running who  excites them. Hillary Clinton may be married to the most charismatic president since Reagan but she isn’t the charismatic one and she doesn’t excite young people to get out to vote unless those young people are young Republicans and their vote is against her.


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