Daily Archives: Tuesday, 24-May-2016

Sacrificial Lamb?

She must have seen it coming. Bernie Sanders has declared war on Debbie Wasserman Schultz by backing her opponent in her congressional race and declaring that if he is declared the Democratic candidate for president he will strip DWS of her chairmanship.

It seems like he has convinced some establishment Democrats that removing her chairmanship is the only move to be made for party unity.

“There have been a lot of meetings over the past 48 hours about what color plate do we deliver Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s head on,” said one pro-Clinton Democratic senator.

Source: Dems discuss dropping Wasserman Schultz | TheHill

Surely she would know that her openly antagonistic actions toward the Sanders campaign would produce an enormous amount of blowback that would be all over her. Surely she would understand that the huge support Sanders was getting would translate into political klout.

One can only surmise that she is now the sacrificial lamb.