Federal, State or Local?

I’m curious and I’d really like some feed back from you. We often hear people talking about government should do this, or government should not do that. But we have at least three layers of government; federal, state, and local. What I want from you is a list of services that only the federal government should provide, a list of what only state government should supply and a list of what only local government should supply. There are also areas where all three of these layers of government co├Ârdinate activities, what should these be?

2 thoughts on “Federal, State or Local?

  1. Dan Lyke

    I’ve been trying to tease out this list myself, and I’m having trouble coming up it, and I think the major reason is that my idealism keeps coming up against pragmatism: I think it’d be great if education could be managed and funded locally, but if the rural areas near me don’t have strong schools, my region suffers. So that escalates and, eventually, all for good reasons, we’re at a national level education department, for good or bad.

    Similarly, Libertarian notions can sound great at a national scale, but towns are, quite literally, corporations, and need to be managed in a way that delivers services to their shareholders (property owners). And yet we treat them mostly like government, and as we scale up through county, state and country, we have similarly weird experiences about where to draw lines.

    1. Larry Burton Post author

      I have very libertarian views on how Federal government should operate. That eases into a more classical liberal stance for state government and a social democratic view of local government but overall thinking that local government should not be the same in every locale.

      To write a constitution that would define government as I envision it is beyond me. Most of my ideas are very abstract. Some of my ideas might even defy the use of a constitution to define a government.


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