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George Papadopoulos pleading guilty is the much bigger story.

I’m sure all of you have heard by now that Paul Manafort has been indicted for money laundering Russian money. Okay, Ukrainian money from a pro-Russian Ukrainian group which is semi-laundered Russian money.

But that’s really nothing when it comes to tying in the Trump campaign to collusion with Russians. The real kicker here isn’t Manafort, it’s George Papadopoulos. He’s the one who has plead guilty to charges of lying to federal prosecutors about his personal collusion with a Russian.

According to court papers released Monday, those contacts included an unnamed overseas professor whom Papadopoulos met in Italy in March, the same month he joined the campaign. In April 2016, the professor told him the Russian government had “dirt” on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, including thousands of Clinton’s emails.

Source: George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying about Russian contacts – The Washington Post

I like the explanation that Nate Silver brings up over this:

This is consistent with a world in which there’s a lot of “fire” associated with peripheral figures in the campaign, but merely “smoke” (so far) associated with more central figures.

Source: FiveThirtyEight – Nate Silver

Both Manafort and Papadopoulos are on fire but Manafort’s fire started way before the Clinton campaign. Papadopoulos’ fire started right as he joined the campaign. I’m thinking that fire spreading to at least Donald Trump Jr. will be fairly easy to prove with Mr. Papadopoulos’ help.


Federal court clears way for immigrant teen to get abortion

Oh, the irony!

A federal appeals court on Tuesday cleared the way for a 17-year-old immigrant held in custody in Texas to obtain an abortion.

Source: Federal court clears way for immigrant teen to get abortion – NY Daily News

A big complaint by anti-immigration advocates is that our constitution gives citizenship to anyone born in this country regardless of the citizenship of their parents. They claim this creates anchor babies. The Trump administration came into office on its promise to stem illegal immigration and fight against abortions. To do one they have to allow for an anchor baby which the mother doesn’t want.

Majority Of White Americans Say They Believe Whites Face Discrimination

Here’s the problem with only accepting absolutes:

Ask Hershman whether there is discrimination against whites, and he answered even before this reporter could finish the question — with an emphatic “Absolutely.”

“It’s been going on for decades, and it’s been getting worse for whites,” Hershman contended, despite data showing whites continue to be better off financially and educationally than minority groups.

Source: Majority Of White Americans Say They Believe Whites Face Discrimination : NPR

Hershman is right, there is absolutely discrimination against whites out there somewhere but whatever discrimination there is is being done by people who can’t hold back whites with their discrimination at a level that causes no harm to whites other than someone’s feelings getting hurt occasionally.

This goes to show that most white people are snowflakes.

NYC Mayor De Blasio Exposes Himself As An Idiot

New York City has a traffic congestion problem so the mayor is stepping up enforcement against e-bikes which are very effective at relieving congestion.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday on the Upper West Side, the epicenter of NYPD e-bike enforcement, de Blasio said the crackdown is part and parcel of his administration’s goal to eliminate traffic fatalities. “Vision Zero is about making us safe regardless of what the threat is — making us safer when it comes to our streets,” de Blasio said.

But he admitted that e-bike riders had not actually caused any fatalities — the enforcement is based on complaints.

Source: De Blasio and NYPD Should Talk to Delivery Workers About E-Bikes – Streetsblog New York City

How can this guy not understand that what he is doing is giving himself the title of “idiot” in the minds of all thinking people.

No More Sideways Websites!

Okay, I’ll admit I’m a sucker for clickbait, especially when the link is in reference to stories about dogs like the one portrayed in the graphic to the left there. However, I don’t care how compelling the lead in to the story is. I will never, ever again click the “next” button.

It’s just a waste of time and I just don’t have that much time to waste. Webpages can scroll down indefinitely. There is no need for a “next” button. So not only am I not going to click the “next” button I’m also going to ask you, plead with you, don’t click on the “next” button. You will only be disappointed, angry, and frustrated by doing so. Don’t put yourself through it.

What I hope to see happen by refusing to navigate a story this way is for page views to plummet and web designers who are more interested in ad revenue that putting out a good product will become trained to build websites the way we want them rather than building these annoying sites that also scam their ad providers.

Seriously, there is no need to build a website like this except to gather more click-through traffic and expose the reader to more ads. The content is never worth it.

Bumpstock? Sure, I have no problem banning this useless device.

Tragedy has struck Las Vegas this past weekend. A gunman in a high place with an unimaginable arsenal fired down on a crowd of concert goer killing at least fifty-eight and injuring five hundred or more.  My heart goes out to the survivors and the family of the victims and I’ll echo the chant that is being shouted, “Something must be done!” I just don’t know what that something is.

It seems the guns were all legally purchased. About half of these AR15 style weapons had been modified with a bump stock, a device that greatly increases the rate of fire to approach that of a full automatic by causing the trigger to bounce against the finger on every recoil. Technically these are legal without the FFL and tax required for ownership of a full auto weapon. That’s because it doesn’t modify the gun it just uses the recoil force to leverage the finger pull on the trigger.

After their notoriety from this past weekend’s tragedy that is about to change. Sen. Dianne Feinstein will introduce a bill in congress that states:

“It shall be unlawful for any person to import, sell, manufacture, possess a trigger crank, a bump fire device or any accessory that functions to accelerate the rate of fire of a semi-automatic rifle,”

Source: Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduces bill to ban bump fire stocks – NY Daily News

There have already been a couple of Texas Republican senators that have stated they would vote for this bill. I don’t oppose it. It’s a feel good only bill but I think we need something to feel good about after this weekend.

The reason I’m calling it a feel good bill is that the bump stock is a very low tech modification. Before this tragedy and the proposed legislation these could be found for as little as $40. Cabella’s was selling them in their store and even Walmart was carrying them for a while. There would be no problem in developing a .STI file for 3D printing these things and I’m sure a crafty person could make one out of household trash.

Still, ban them. No one needs them for anything other than an adrenaline rush at the local rifle range. Try firing one of these and you will be lucky to actually hit the target you are shooting at. Until we find out what the real something that we need to do is this can fill in and maybe help people feel like we are doing something to curb the violence.

Maybe it will even start us talking and learning that what ever that something is it isn’t singular.