No More Sideways Websites!

Okay, I’ll admit I’m a sucker for clickbait, especially when the link is in reference to stories about dogs like the one portrayed in the graphic to the left there. However, I don’t care how compelling the lead in to the story is. I will never, ever again click the “next” button.

It’s just a waste of time and I just don’t have that much time to waste. Webpages can scroll down indefinitely. There is no need for a “next” button. So not only am I not going to click the “next” button I’m also going to ask you, plead with you, don’t click on the “next” button. You will only be disappointed, angry, and frustrated by doing so. Don’t put yourself through it.

What I hope to see happen by refusing to navigate a story this way is for page views to plummet and web designers who are more interested in ad revenue that putting out a good product will become trained to build websites the way we want them rather than building these annoying sites that also scam their ad providers.

Seriously, there is no need to build a website like this except to gather more click-through traffic and expose the reader to more ads. The content is never worth it.

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