NYC Mayor De Blasio Exposes Himself As An Idiot

New York City has a traffic congestion problem so the mayor is stepping up enforcement against e-bikes which are very effective at relieving congestion.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday on the Upper West Side, the epicenter of NYPD e-bike enforcement, de Blasio said the crackdown is part and parcel of his administration’s goal to eliminate traffic fatalities. “Vision Zero is about making us safe regardless of what the threat is — making us safer when it comes to our streets,” de Blasio said.

But he admitted that e-bike riders had not actually caused any fatalities — the enforcement is based on complaints.

Source: De Blasio and NYPD Should Talk to Delivery Workers About E-Bikes – Streetsblog New York City

How can this guy not understand that what he is doing is giving himself the title of “idiot” in the minds of all thinking people.

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